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K&D's Systems Make Me Money!

I believe in both Kurt and Dominic and their mission statement. Every single swing trade they have recommended to me has been profitable, every one. I look forward to every new trade and feel both men really have my best interest at heart. That may be hard to believe in today’s internet culture but it’s true. And I’m no newbie. I have at least 20 yrs. trading experience and, I’m ashamed to say, paid thousands of dollars trying many different systems and strategies. Many have not panned out, a few have. K&D’s systems work and make me money!

Bruce Investor

Upfront and Honest

Kurt and Dom are very open about their methods and numbers and give subscribers great educational resources, as well. They also offer a money back guarantee. I have NEVER seen that with any other service. Their systems work!

Cyndi Investor

Careful Researches

I'm massively impressed with the work that both Kurt and Domenic perform to provide a stable, proven decision matrix for high probability trades and investments. All professional traders only trade strategies where their reward to risk decisions make them money over time. Institutional trading is now performed through algorithmic (automated) trading because of this.

Gentlemen, thanks for your conscientious commitment to subscribers with your outstanding “sweet spot” performance and great communications for customer service and support!

Doug Professional Trader

I Paid For My First Year With The First Trade

I wanted to move away from using a CFP to manage my savings and take charge myself. This was scary and what attracted me to K&D’s system was the stress-free way of handling market trades.

The system is easy to follow, using their email alerts. I like this strategy as it keeps my savings in a liquid state unless being traded for a short time. This results in less risk of overall market volatility.

A signal came last week and was a winner! I paid for my first year of the subscription with the first trade...not bad for 3 days!

Grayson Security Engineer

Creative and Bright Thinkers

Creative and bright thinkers focused on understanding how we learn and think. Kurt and Dom's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into a coherent system for others to understand is unparalleled.

Devlyn Steele Business Consultant & World Famous Life Coach

Blow Away By The Signal Accuracy

K&D is a welcome addition to my consumption of critical and timely financial information. I'm blown away by the signal accuracy. Kurt and Dom's ability to communicate in simple terms that I can understand. I follow their newsletter closely as a great source of trading and investing insights.

Chase Marketing Director

Gave Me Discipline

I have been investing in the stock market for over 35 years and have done well.

My techniques have traveled along the investment continuum, from the seat of my pants, friend's recommendations, financial newsletters, investment brokers, private wealth managers, etc.

Now having discovered algorithmic trading and investing; what a change from my usual haphazard approach!

Jan Investor

Why are we doing this...to serve you

"If it's so great, why are you selling it and not keeping it for yourself?"

It took us years of swing trading and losing thousands of dollars to get to where we are today.  Now we're professional swing traders, and obviously, Capitalists.  We're also students of the market and economy.  Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, laid out the division of labor:  "I perform a service and I'm compensated for it."  Why not share the wealth?  We're taking the fruits of 10 years of labor and selling it to others so they can reap the rewards as well. 

Allow us to serve you: amazing educational content, our Swing Trading StrategyETF Momentum Trading Strategy and Gold Trend Following Strategy will help you create a well-rounded portfolio creating real compounded wealth.