Mission: Bring Automated Trading Systems To The People

Our goal is to bring automated trading systems to 500 users with a minimum return of 20% annually

Will you be one of them?

Dear Fellow Investors & Traders...

Welcome to the K&D community!

Are you tired of the poor performance of mutual funds and the high fees of hedge funds?

You've come to the right place.

Why do so many critical thinkers come to K&D for investing / trading education and profitable trades?​

The short answer is they know there is a better way to manage their money using automated trading systems.

This may sound scary at first, but it's not: all professional traders have a series of rules they follow to become profitable.

When we code those rules into a system it's called an automated trading system, simply because you could let it run on its own...fully automated.

This daunting task is far beyond most traders' and investors' expertise, so we do the heavy lifting for you that allows you to sit back and pull in the profits.

We hope you join us in our mission to create an army of relaxed, critical thinking investors and traders.

Together we can turn off the financial TV, sleep at night and make substantial gains that lead to financial independence.

Pulling Back The Curtain 

The brick and mortar financial institutions don't want you to know how easy it is to beat them at their own game. 

Hedge funds...they aren't as amazing as you'd think and the minimum investment is typically over $500,000.

Which leaves the rest of us investing in mutual funds.  These are simply terrible.  

Robert Arnott, of Research Affiliates, found that out of 203 actively managed mutual funds only 8 beat the S&P 500. That's under 4%!

Mutual Fund = Under-performance + High Fees

What if there was another way?

By managing your money using automated trading systems you can crush the performance of the out of date fund model.

We don't want to see anyone stuck in the portfolio doldrums.  

If your funds or "financial planners" are not producing 20% returns annually...

Fire 'em!

Top Performing Hedge Funds:

Automated Trading Systems For Education & Profits

Hi, Domenic here.  At K&D Financial we focus on two things:

  • Giving you exact buy and sell signals to profit 
  • Teaching you how the markets work

We help you down the path to understanding how the stock market truly works, taking advantage of the oldest principles of market behaviors. We then take these tested and proven principals and turn them into automated trading systems.

From beginner to advanced, we walk you through a step by step curriculum that will expand your understanding of financial markets.  

Our member's portal is packed with market education  

You choose the speed at which you learn, while at the same time receiving the same exact buy and sell signals that we take to grow our own portfolios.    

We wish we had a service like this when we first started exploring the stock market.

We would have saved ourselves thousands of dollars and years of agonizing research.   

It's a continuous pleasure to cultivate this community where experienced and non-experienced folks, just like you, can come and learn from our research and profit handsomely.

Why we automated trading systems to you

It's simple really, we love trading and we make a living on the profits from our trading systems.  We spent years developing these programs, lost thousands of dollars through trial and error and even more to mutual funds.  

Why should you have to suffer the same as we did?  

You don't have too, that's the value of a K&D Membership.

82% Profitable Signals 

Now we wish every trade and investment signal we gave was profitable, but that's impossible.   The future is unknowable.  

However, with automated trading systems we have a very high probability of making profits on each trade. 

If you had a coin that landed heads 82% of the time, would you bet heads all day long?

I sure would!

That's exactly how we approach the markets, using probability and statistics.

We send each signal to your email inbox so you never miss a signal and also post them to the member's portal for easy reference along with all our market educational material.

What Are Automated Trading Systems?

The philosophy of trading system design is to use the past to figure out the probability of something happening in the future. That doesn't mean we can predict the future - we can react to it however.

I think of trading as playing poker. The big difference is that the rules for poker are well established and repeatable. With the stock market, the rules aren't published, so we have to use the past to come up with the rules of how the game is be played. We put our ideas into a computer which in turn tells us if we would have done well (by making money) in the past with those sets of rules.

The future is unknowable, but knowing what's happened in the past can give a glimpse into the probabilities of future outcomes. After all, human emotion is the same now as it was 1000's of years ago (we contend that it's these emotions that create edges for us to exploit in the markets).

The primary way to keep score in the stock market game is by how much money you make - not how often you're right or wrong. You see, if you won 30% of the time, but your winners were 3 times the size of your losers, you would still be making money.

Most traders focus too much on their own ego instead of playing the game to make money. That's why even Einstein type brainiacs with bulging IQ's fail at trading. When you get the emotion out of the picture and focus on playing the game on its terms, you can find a constant source of wealth.

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