The Best Trading Strategy Gets Results

The best trading strategy will yield significant gains while minimizing losses.  Below is a list of all our trades since we started in 2016. While we use multiple trading strategies, all of them have been tested and optimized so that we're always using the best trading strategies.

Assumed is a $100,000 initial portfolio (individual portfolio sizes do not matter, returns are the same) with a 25/75 split between our Monthly ETFs and Swing Trades.

These are the results of the exact trades (entries/exists) subscribers receive in real-time; exact trade details are available at the bottom of the page.

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How can we be sure it's the best trading strategy: testing.

Our trading strategies are designed to return 20%+ annually; however some years may be slightly larger or smaller based on market conditions.

Rigorous testing such as T-Testing, Out of Sample Testing, Walk Forward Testing (WFT), and Monte Carlo Simulations are executed on all systems to drive down the slightest chance of curve fitting, ensuring robust behavior in the hardest environment: real-time

The Best Trading Strategies Require Constant Maintenance

All systems are subjected, on a quarterly bases, to the above tests to ensure continued robustness and profitability.

We take the exact trades issued to clients. The result is that we're always using the best trading strategy possible.

As mentioned above, the above results are from our 2 main trading strategies, the S&P Swing Trading Strategy and the ETF Momentum Trading Strategy.  When the time is right, our Gold Trend Following Strategy is also mixed in.

If you're looking for more active trades, check out our new Stock Trading Strategies as well.

Please review my IRA Growth Challenge results below where you can also view my posted brokerages statements: