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Our Stock Trading Algorithm picks high momentum stocks at a discount

The S&P Swing Trade Strategy operates on mean reversion.  The ETF Momentum Trading operates on price velocity.  We combined the two strategies, looking for hot stocks that have had a small pull back.  

How does our stock trading strategy work?

Laser Precision Entries: many services tell you BUY or SELL right in the middle of the day  

The result: they always get in and out with better fills than you, leaving your performance lackluster 

Our signals are based upon Daily Closes, so you buy at the exact same time as the algorithm

Best of the Best: only trade the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 10 

600 companies that have proven the test of time, bear markets and crashes.

All these companies are highly liquid with large volume for easy fills

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Never catch falling knife

How often have you second guessed yourself right before you execute a trade?

Only to watch it do EXACTLY what you feared...

We often times attempt to enter a trade on a pull back from a bull flag or pennant formation, but often end up catching a falling knife.  

We all know stocks take the stairs up and the elevator down and those falling daggers can do damage to your account rather quickly.

But with data backed stock trading we put statistics on your side so that the chance of catching a falling knife dramatically drops. 

Putting you in the winners circle. 

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