K&D ETF Momentum Trading is one of the simplest ways you'll ever see to easily beat the stock market. If you're looking for the ultimate in laid back, safe and powerful portfolio growth, then you've come to the right place.

4 trades per month | sustained growth | all using the power of momentum

What if you could "Beat the Market" right out of the gate? You can with our ETF Momentum Trading Strategy. "Beating the Market" is the goal of every trader...turns out you can do it pretty easily in less than 5 minutes per month!

KD financial Momentum ETF Picks

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What is momentum trading?

One day a lot of big money starts buying into and ETF.  Other funds have concluded the same things based upon their research and now they need to get in before the price runs away from them...so they pile in.  Now the public sees it and wants a piece of the action so they jump in as well.

The price takes off and we measure how much an ETF moves over a given period of time and call that MOMENTUM TRADING.

Now you can harness the power of momentum trading and start trading the best of the best each month.

Each month we scan 1500 ETFs and tell you which ones have the highest momentum.

At the beginning of each month we release the new ETFs, you simply sell the old ones and buy the new ones.  

1 time per month, 5 minutes per trade, 4 trades per month, that's under 20 minutes of your time! 

The results: Kurt grew one of his IRAs over 20% in under 1 year. See the case study here.

What if you could fully diversify your portfolio using top performing securities? Each month weeding out the bad and nurturing the good. Your portfolio would thrive like the Garden of Eden and that's exactly what ETF Momentum Trading will do for you.

Our S&P Swing Trading Strategy only has your portfolio invested in the market about 25% of the time...and that's fine because it still does over 20% annually.  

But many of our customers wanted a bit more of an active role without tons of risk.  The result is ETF Momentum Trading that fully diversifies your portfolio with the top performing securities.

Some of our members just follow the S&P Swing Trading System, others only follow the ETF Momentum Strategy.

...And some follow both

It's why K&D Financial is up over 22% per year EVERY year

Say no to high fees and poor performance in the name of "Diversification" and say hello to real, safe portfolio growth

ETF's: a dirty little secret Mutual Funds don't want you to know about. Financial planners will claim you need them to "protect" your portfolio with a "safe group" of securities.  They "think" they are smarter than the market...and they are almost ALWAYS flat out wrong.  The average mutual fund has only gained about 3% annually vs The S&P 500 that has an annual gain of 6% since 2000.

ETF: Exchange Traded Fund.  It's a basket of stocks that's a stock itself. This way you can purchase an entire group of stocks with one simple security.   Want small cap growth stocks...trade IWM.  Want tech stocks, try XLK or QQQ.  You will achieve better performance at a fraction of the cost of mutual funds using ETFs.

Turns out you could just buy the ETF "SPY" which is made up of the top 500 stocks on the US Stock Market and BOOM you are diversified AND you just beat 95% of all mutual funds.

Now you can experience real, diversified portfolio growth without high ticket mutual funds

You're not paying for their experience, you're paying for your ignorance. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth.  Mutual funds aren't out for your best interest, their out for profits...you are a far second, if not fourth or fifth.

By scanning the market for the top momentum ETFs and not just stocks, you're investing in an entire group or sector. Sure, any one individual stock could easily outperform the entire ETF, but that's why this is true safe, diversified growth.

The result is a fully diversified portfolio with only the top performing stocks IN THE WORLD. Yes, world because many ETFs are simply other countries entire markets like DAX, that's the entire German stock market, or EWH, the entire Hong Kong market.

Many users sign up just to see our momentum trading ETFs, but there's so much more to learn...