So you're already short term trading, with our algorithmic trading your results will skyrocket.

​As an Experienced Trader, would you like to see more consistent profits using trading strategies that beat the markets, turning you into a true professional trader?

What if you could put data behind every single trade you make? Turning short term trading theories in to tested and proven strategies. Trading is no longer about the possibility of making money, it's about the probability of success.

Even if you've experienced a decent amount of success, you know there is more you can do.

Hi, my name is Kurt, and I develop algorithmic trading strategies. If you're a trader, like me, you've lost thousands of dollars trading.  But it doesn't have to be that way. Now, I consistently pull money out of the market, handsomely beating the S&P 500.

Through my journey as a trader I've learned that people go through specific phases until they finally achieve success. My goal is to help you thrive as a trader. Let's see where you are right now.

The Struggler

The struggler is typically still new to trading.  He makes a lot of mistakes and appears to lose a lot more money than he's making.

Strugglers don't have the numbers on their side.  They enter trades on a whim, not a statistical set of rules...and they rarely follow their stops.​

  • No Statistics to support trades
  • No discipline on when to get in and out
  • No Solid Money Management Plan

The worst part...he rarely understands WHY his trading isn't working.

The Bobber

The bobber has passed the initial test of trading and is now winning as much as he's losing.

Being a bobber is frustrating: they typically have one successful characteristic but lack the others.

  • No statistics to support trades
  • Have the discipline for correct entries/exits and stops


  • Trades are statistically significant
  • No discipline on entries/exits and stops

The Thriver

Typically a veteran trader who has been through the ringer.

Thrivers follow their rules. They can tell you their average profit per win, their win percentage and how they focus on risk management​.

  • Trades are statistically significant
  • Has the discipline for correct entries/exits and stops

The thriver has achieved quite a decent bit of success, but KNOWS there is ALWAYS more to learn.

You may fit into one of these phases or are moving between two.  The challenge is understanding what steps you can take RIGHT NOW that will allow you to thrive as a trader.

What phase are you in?

I've been through them all but now I'm thriving as a trader.  Why, because I developed a hyper specific set of rules and I follow them NO MATTER WHAT.  Trading isn't about "gut instincts," hunches or theories.  

Let's be honest, this is a numbers game.  After all, what else is there really?  NOTHING, it's nothing but numbers.  When you put the data on your side and start trading based upon statistics and probabilities, you become a thriving trader.​

Struggler, bobber or thriver, each phase of trading has unique challenges but all can be advanced using the right strategies.  No matter what phase you're in, what if you could shed the garb of mediocrity and become a real, powerful, concise and profitable trader?

Most traders REACT to price action. Powerful, tested and effective strategies assume specific price action and take signals based upon specific conditions.

Let's get real...How do our algorithmic trading strategies stack up to the average trader?

Sure, there are traders out there who boast 100% gains per year. Those are veterans with YEARS of experience. Don't beat yourself up if you haven't been doubling your account every year like you hear "pro traders" doing. You just need to focus on doing the RIGHT things.

K&D Strategies


Win Rate

Statistics and probabilities determine the success of each trade. Every trade is taken based upon calculations down to the penny.


Consecutive Losses 

Optimized systems know when to take trades and when not to. The result, only 2 back-to-back losses in a 20 year span


Avg Win

Risk Management is built into each trade, the EXACT right of shares purchased based upon portfolio size and ATR.


Avg Loss 

All strategies take losses, the key is to not sweat them at all when the numbers are on your side.

"Average" Traders


Win Rate

Trades are based on chart patterns or indicators, resulting in non-statistical entries that often fail.


Consecutive Losses 

W/o a solid system, most traders will take multiple trades, only to lose or be stopped out because the setup isn't statistically valid.


Avg Win

Wins aren't consistent, there is no clear exit strategy. The result is profits lost due to inconsistency.


Avg Loss 

Winners are typically bigger than losers due to incorrect position size and low probability set ups.

"So why should I listen to you?"

You shouldn' should listen to the data.

Domenic and I are both thriving traders now, but it didn't always used to be that way.  We both spent thousands on trading courses and even more on trading "gurus" where we paid good money to follow their trades.  Something funny about that.  You always get in AFTER them, and they always get out BEFORE you.  The result is that you never achieve even close to the same success as them.

I'm no guru, I'm not asking you to follow me and I'm not going to tell you that I make millions trading.

What I can offer is consistent, profitable short term trading strategies based upon DAILY Charts. This means signals come after the close and can be placed prior to the open.  No more lag between what the "Gurus" do and what you do.  That's because the signals come from an algorithm...not a guru.

Are you ready to put the numbers on your side and experience the types of results you'd expect from professional trading? All our strategies go through a proprietary process that you'll learn as a member.

The Security

It starts with identifying a security and learning everything about it.  Great traders only trade one or two things, not 100's of stocks.  We trade SPY or ES Futures Contracts and beat the SP 500 year after year trading just one symbol.

The Strategy

We only focus on several strategies: mean reversion, trend following and momentum.  Every security behaves differently, once we've chosen a security we build a strategy that fits that particular security's "personality."

Algorithmic Development

This is the hard part. The strategy assumes specific type of price action.  Now we develop a set of mathematical rules that operates on the basis that the security will behave as it's "personality" is predicted to.  Once finished we can back test it to find the win rate.


Once a viable strategy has been produced.  It's time to optimize the strategy for maximum profits. A lot of work is done to ensure the strategy does not become over optimized or "curve fitted."

WF Optimization

Walk Forward Optimization is a process that allows us to project into the future to determine if the strategy will still work once it goes real time.  Without WFO, strategies are useless.


Finally, the strategy is ready to be deployed in real time where we test it for multiple trades before releasing it to our members. Once we're confident in the results we release the signals to our members!

The Results

48.67% ROR


Max Drawdown: 9.3%

Inception: 2012

82.2 %
Win Rate

$315,055 Total Profits

Over a 5 year span

451 Trades

Across all strategies

Doug W. 

Professional Trader

I like the way you have been communicating in the weekly updates, especially the discussions that take people though periods where the 'Black swan events' were avoided.

I also find very valuable the seasonality and other market discussions as it lends to an appreciation for a bigger picture analysis that people will want to have a sense for other than straight computer signals - and that they see you have an appreciation for such things, too.

I wanted to move away from using a CFP to manage my savings and take charge myself. This can be scary and what attracted me to K&D’s system was the stress-free way of handling market trades, especially in a time where I have uncertainty in the market.

The system is as easy as following the steps in their emails. When the email says buy, buy and then wait for the sell signal which often arrives a few days later. I like this strategy as it keeps my savings in a liquid state unless being traded for a short time. This results in less risk of overall market volatility.

So how has it going so far in 2017? Well a signal came last week and was a winner! I paid for my first year of the subscription with the first trade...not bad for 3 days and a fantastic start to 2017! Thank you, K&D!"

Greyson M. Security Engineer
Devlyn S. Business Consultant

Creative and bright thinkers focused on understanding how we learn and think...their ability to gather massive amounts of information and then organize it into a coherent system for others to understand, is unparalleled.

I have been investing in the stock market for over 35 years and have done well. The only problem has been the amount of time taken to make money.

My techniques have traveled along the investment continuum, from seat of my pants, friend's recommendations, market news programs, financial newsletters, investment brokers, private wealth managers, etc.

Now having discovered algorithmic trading, I invest a portion of my portfolio in a more disciplined manner. What a change from my usual haphazard approach.

Thanks K&D for making investing more intelligent and financially rewarding.

Jan B. Retired
Charles B. Marketing Director

The K&D Report has been a welcome additional to my consumption of critical and timely financial news. I have been blown away by the signal accuracy and their ability to communicate in simple terms the reasoning behind trades. I will be following their newsletter closely for now on as a great source of trading insights.

We've built an incredibly powerful membership site full of amazing strategies and tools to turn you into a professional trader. If you're ready to take your trading to the next level, then a K&D Membership will get you there.