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Would you like the confidence to know your making the right choices when it comes to your financial future? 

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We learn by doing...

We all have to start somewhere, so why not start with the stock market for beginners. First thing people ask us: "Why are you doing this?"

My income is made trading, but my passion is education.

It makes perfect sense to combine the two.  I truly believe we can solve all the world's problems.  But it starts by each person taking responsibility for his/her own education.

That's why we are doing this!

We give you the exact trades from our algorithms which are placed at the open of each trading day.

Whether your a complete beginner with the stock market, or an advanced trader, you get to follow the along with a proven trading strategy.

You won't learn much by just blindly following the algorithm.

However, we learn by doing.

By executing the exact same trades as the algorithm and learning how it works, you'll start to think like a pro trader, that's our ultimate goal. 

Think of it this way, if you watch me tie my shoes over and over again...you might get it.

But if YOU tie your shoes over and over again while I guiding you step by step, you'll learn in no time.

We learn by doing.  This is the core philosophy our Education System is built upon.

Domenic Weber

Director of Education

What if you had the same know-how and tools as professionals...you'd likely experience professional results.

Sample Lesson

You can follow along with our signals as long as you want.  When you're ready to start learning more, the content will be there for you.

By following along with our signals and applying the concepts...something magical happens...you start asking questions...and questions are the key to creating your own strategies and customizing your financial plan to meets your needs.

With the S&P Swing Trading System, ETF Scanner and more, you have the tools at your disposal, but if you want grow and thrive, you'll need to learn how to use those tools.

Our stock market for beginners courses get you on the right track quickly. We've built a database of lessons that will walk the novice through how to set up a brokerage account to showing the advanced trader how you can Day Trade the $Tick fade.

(Some of) the Educational Concepts

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Mean Reversion

Put/Call Ratio

Hedging and Delta Neutral


Trend Following 

SPY vs ES: Mind the Gap

Turtle Traders

What are Commodities

Moving Averages

The COT Report

Price Action

Walk Forward Optimization

ATR / Volatility

Back Testing

What are Futures

Statistical Analysis

On Balance Volume


What are Options


What are ETFs

Risk Management

Never ask Why


%R and RSI

Advance Decline



Are you a stock market beginner? Your First Lesson is Right Here, Right Now

Number of shares to buy = ( Your Portfolio Value ) / ( security price * ATR * 2.6 )

Risk Management is the MOST important part of portfolio growth. When you are investing the exact right amount of shares in each trade, you will experience great gains from compound interest and minimal losses.

The above formula is built right into our S&P 500 Swing Trading Strategy so that every trade is risking the exact right amount of money.

Notice the ATR.  Average True Range is the best way to measure how volatile a security is.  So if the ATR is high, it's a more volatile security.  And because it's in the denominator, the formula tells you to buy less shares when things are getting more volatile.  Mitigating your risk.

Here is an example:

Portfolio Value = $10,000

SPY = 242.33

ATR = 1.42

Therefore I could buy…



11 * 242.33 = $2708.56

Would you like to trade with the success of a hedge fund?

Then you need just one thing: Discipline

You may think it takes an advanced degree in mathematics, but it doesn't. The main characteristics all great traders and hedge funds have is the ability to cut their losses and let their winners run.

Our stock market for beginners course teaches a lot of rules. This is the most important rule. If we can teach you anything it's this: follow the rules!

The S&P Swing Trading system is built off of years of data giving us the perfect amount of statistics that tell us EXACTLY when to buy and when to sell and we know the EXACT probabilities that we'll profit.

When you have the discipline to follow the rules, no matter what, you'll achieve these exact probabilities.  Now it's no longer about how smart you are or what degree you have, it's simply about following the rules.

And we're not asking you to blindly follow the rules...that's the entire purpose of the education.  We're handing you the tools and teaching you how to use them.

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