Finally...a stock market newsletter that you'll not only understand but be able to rapidly apply to create massive portfolio growth. Our weekly newsletter cuts through the BS and delivers the important data and facts you need to make educated decision.

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In a world of stock price manipulation, dooms & gloomers and stock market gurus, how are you supposed to navigate the playing field?

Simple: follow the algorithms and read the weekly stock market newsletter that gives you insights how they work and provide you peace of mind.  The financial world is vast and there is simply no way to take it all in, but the good news is that you don't have to.  

You only need to know what applies to you...

Price Action: the only statistic you need to know.

Every indicator, every study, every single statistic you see about trading is derived from one thing called price action.  

Price Action: how the price of a security moves.

Our algorithms are derived from price action. That means we don't "guess" at what's going to happen and we don't "predict" the future.  No one can predict the future...if you could, then everyone on the planet would follow your advice and this entire business would not exist. 

What we can do is watch the algorithms and present to you multiple scenarios that may play out, preparing us for what may come.

Algorithms are much better at the mathematical details than humans, but we create the algorithms based upon specific principals.  

Our weekly stock market newsletter provides you insights into how our algorithms are you the heads up on when the next signal may be coming.

Price action dictates our trades, but the fundamentals of the economy drive price action.  Our stock market newsletter explains when we may see our next signal, but they go deeper...explaining to you exactly how and why those signals may occur.  Well rounded traders don't simply follow one thing, they understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  That is exactly why we provide the weekly updates.

Doug Professional Trader

Careful Researches


I'm massively impressed with the work that both Kurt and Domenic perform to provide a stable, proven decision matrix for high probability trades and investments. All professional traders only trade strategies where their reward to risk decisions make them money over time. Institutional trading is now performed through algorithmic (automated) trading because of this.

Gentlemen, thanks for your conscientious commitment to subscribers with your outstanding “sweet spot” performance and great communications for customer service and support!

We NEVER make decisions based upon financial media talking heads, but we will report exactly what they are saying and why they are almost ALWAYS WRONG.

Sounds a bit cocky, I know, but here are the facts: Everything you hear on the news is there to generate profits for someone...and that someone isn't you.

Therefore, we keep our eyes on the charts.

Here's what I mean: 3 days before President Trump was elected, our bear market reversal indicator went off signaling a MASSIVE move to the upside.

What has followed is an almost historical Bull run and our members have reaped the benefits.

Does it have ANYTHING to do with the fact he was elected.

Absolutely not.

It didn't matter who was elected. Republican or doesn't matter, we're traders first using price action to guide our decisions.

PRICE ACTION told us it was going to happen.

By the time it hits the's too late. Investing based upon the news is like listening to a fortune teller reading from last week's newspaper.

What if you could profit from the next big crash?

What if you knew to buy in 2009 when we had one of the greatest surges in stock market history?

That's precisely what we aim to bring to you with the K&D Weekly Stock Market Newsletter combined with our algorithms.

We give you a pulse on the current market with an idea of what could unfold.

The combination: safe, powerful and rapid portfolio growth.